About Us

As piloted by Forest Voluntary Action forum across the Forest of Dean since 2021, each Digital Hub offers free, tailored support specific to each individual, via a specially trained Community Builder that has undergone digital champion training.

Whether it’s support with the “basics”; like turning on a computer, learning the different functions of a keyboard, or getting set-up with an email account, to more advance skills such as using Apps, Microsoft Office, Video calling, the support on offer has no limits.

What can it mean to be digitally included and confident?

  • Creates opportunities to become more socially connected via social media
  • Connecting with friends and family from near and far via Zoom, Facetime and skype
  • Making online shopping accessible that could lead to savings on shopping bills
  • Safely and securely using Online banking that’s fast replacing our high street banks
  • Better access to health interventions, referrals and making GP appointments
  • Opening up hundreds of job opportunities via various job search engines such as Indeed and Glosjobs.
  • The ability to access your Universal Credit Portal to contact a Job coach and to update journals without the need to travel to a job centre.
  • Opens up doors for self-development via online courses, videos and E-learning.


Open endless opportunties of joy

  • Discover new hobbies such as, Gaming, Podcasts, E Books, Photo editing, Blogs and Vlogs
  • Generate moments of joy and fun via connecting with like-minded peple on online forums, social media and chat rooms
  • Find new interests both online and in the community via search engines
  • A new way to access media and the news
  • Revisit old interests or find new ones via the power of the internet
  • The possibilities are endles


Digital Support is very much the tip of the iceberg of what’s on offer. Alongside Digital support, Community builders are equally as passionate about forming trusted relationships, in safe community spaces, that are seen as the front door to community activities, where people become more connected and involved in their community.


What else can a hub support with

  • Finding meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Find a new job, carer or work experience
  • Connecting with local activity groups and clubs
  • Keeping up to date with what’s on locally
  • Awareness of what people services people can access locally.

Each District's dedicated community partner is well connected within its community, has a strong local knowledge and understanding of the barriers people face, and a drive and passion to demonstrate how life changing it can be in becoming digital included and confident.

The Digital hubs project now has Community Partners with developed hubs across the whole of Gloucestershire! 

Forest Of Dean 

Forest Voluntary Action Forum 


Gloucester Community Building Collective 


Creative Sustainability



Priors Park Neighbourhood

Brockworth Link Community Library 

Cheltenham & Cotswold